Swap Shop System

RS201 Fire Station Facia

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Product Description

Set A includes the following 4 shop fronts:

  • Fire Station
  • Garden Centre
  • Supermarket
  • Post Office

Set B includes the following 4 shop fronts:

  • Village Store
  • Cafe & Teashop
  • Bank
  • Holiday & Travel

Shopping role play can be fun.We want children to learn, and develop through imaginative role playing situations. Now you can create endless role play opportunities through our adaptable High Street Swap-Shop system. It’s so simple!

Help children to understand the concept of how people interact in all walks of life. Whether it’s shopkeepers or people who help us; this specifically designed High Street model encourages children to pretend-play and so promotes language development and social skills.

  • Red building plus 4 great shop fronts
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Only one base-building required (red)
  • Durable, hardwearing, washable surfaces
  • Purchase multiple buildings to create a High Street
  • Easy, interchangeable shop fronts – building identity changed in seconds
  • 2 different shop front sets to choose from

Additional Information

Road Safety For Children