Crossing Patrol Set (S)

RM109 Crossing Patrol Set (Small Pole)


The Roadmaster Crossing Patrol Set is ideal for role playing and teaching road safety procedures.

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Product Description

How to cross the road” at road crossings or pedestrian crossings is an essential road safety procedure.

Roadmasters Crossing Patrol sets are ideal teaching resources for young children.Complete with Zebra Crossing.

This set has a small hand pole.

Crossing Patrol Set contents:

  • 1 tabard
  • Small lollipop pole (0.75m)
  • 1 sign
  • 1 zebra crossing



Lets find a safe place to cross.

Stop and wait near the kerb.

Look all round and listen.

Let all the traffic pass.

So lets cross the road if no traffic is coming.

Keep looking and listening as you cross the road.


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